The Secret lives of the daughters of the air

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Gilles Martin bénéficie d’une expérience de plus de trente ans dans le domaine de la production, de la réalisation et de la location d’expositions photographiques. Il compte parmi ses clients : Le Sénat, les Muséums d’Histoire Naturelle de Lille, Bordeaux, Tours, Nantes, Bayonne, ainsi que les plus prestigieux festivals internationaux de photographie et de nature.
Grâce à son réseau (infographistes, rédacteurs, laboratoires photo, artisans), il peut réaliser pour vous des expositions clef en main : création d’un concept, editing, conception graphique, scénographie, suivi des tirages avec les laboratoires photo, conception technique et fabrication, transport et installation.


Gilles Martin has spent 30 years splashing through ponds, marshes, and rivers to get close to, observe, and photograph the most stunning of insects in its natural environment : the dragonfly. His photographs form a real technical challenge and show all the features of these fascinating insects, of which the ancestors were up to… 70 centimetres long! Did you know that relative to their anatomy, these “marvels of the earth” have the most highly-developed eyeballs in creation? In spite of their appearance of scared nymphs, between 10 000 and 30 000 facets make them redoubtable killers. The exhibition is a documentary that is remarkably precise and exhaustive. Through photographs, illustrations, and drawings, it unveils all there is to know about the lives of these strange creatures.


A production in conjunction with a museum of natural history, a media library, a museum, a photography festival, or other structures can be considered for putting on the exhibition.


The exhibition presents the best images from the book “Les Libellules”, which can be sold at the event.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. A pamphlet is available that sets out all the technical details for setting up and transport, as well as the rates for hiring the exhibition. 
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