Butterflies of the world

Photographs by Gilles Martin

Exhibition awaiting production

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What would summer be like without the scent of flowers and the fluttering of butterflies?
Ephemeral and graceful, they are unquestionably the best known of insects. As well as the most coveted, admired, sought after, hated, studied, and bitterly fought. One insect in every ten is a butterfly or moth. The world of the Lepidoptera, infinite in  its diversity and richness, is a microcosm when viewed from a distance, and it is a whole universe for those involved with it.
Butterflies are among the planet’s most majestic creatures, brilliantly colored and exquisitely patterned. More than 175.000 species have been spotted around the world.
Photographer Gilles Martin showcases the extraordinary life of butterflies and moths in this gorgeous exhibition. These spectacular images capture the insects’ astonishing metamorphosis from caterpillar to winged adult as well as their vast diversity.
Despite their beauty, many butterflies and moths are considered agricultural pests, and still more have lost their natural habitats through human encroachment. Today many species are endangered.


Very rich photographic material covering the butterflies of the 5 continents is available to illustrate the exhibition.


The exhibition presents the best images from the book “Papillons du monde”, which can be sold at the event.


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