Career path

The first step


First foreign report on trafficking sea turtles. See portfolio


Joins the Jacana photographic agency


Guilde Européenne du Raid award winner for an exploration journey to Aldabra Atoll


Publication in LUnivers du Vivant
Presentation of the exhibition Les libellules, la vie secrète des filles de l'air at the Ménigoute International Ornithological Film Festival


Awarded first prize by the Dotation Kodak Grand Reportage for Expédition Thylacine



Featured in the prestigious Gamma photo agency


First USA press publications: Life, Time magazine, National Enquirer


The book libellules, with text by Denis Boyar, is published by Editions La Martinière
Production of the libellule exhibition


The book Australie is published by Editions Solar. Co-authored by Houria Arhab
Publications in Terre sauvage, Figaro magazine, Chasseur d’Images


Launch of the first Macrophotography Traineeships in the Brenne Regional Nature Park


First freelance order for GEO magazine


The book Le Poitou & les Charentes is published by Editions Larousse


Publication in National Geographic


The book Photographier la nature, with text by Denis Boyar, is published by Editions La Martinière.
Launch of the Arche photographique project


Collaboration with photographic agencies: Grazia Neri, Sunset and Bios
Production of the exhibition Photographier la nature for the Natural History Museum of Tours


The book La Macrophotographie, with text by Ronan Loaëc, is published by Editions La Martinière
Production of interactive exhibition MicroMégas for the Natural History Museum of Tours


The book Les Oiseaux du monde, with text by Myriam Baran, is published by Editions La Martinière
Production of Les Oiseaux du monde exhibition


The book Les Oiseaux racontés aux enfants is published by Editions La Martinière jeunesse. Texte Philippe J. Dubois et Valérie Guidou


Coverage of the publicity campaing for the advertsing agency HHCL/UNITED London for
Sky News: billboard, press, television, internet.


Entry to the travel agency Objectif Nature as Tour leader.
Presentation of the Forêts tropicales du monde exhibition at the International Festival of Wildlife Photography in Montier-en-Der


Launch of the Wildlife photography Traineeships in the Brenne Regional Nature Park


Presentation of the Pour toi Madagascar exhibition at the Senate in Paris
Outdoor presentation of the exhibition Birds of the World at the Ménigoute International Ornithological Film Festival


The book Papillons du monde, with text by Myriam Baran, is published by Editions La Martinière


The book Les oiseaux, with text by Catherine Levesque, is published by Editions Milan
Publications in Bild, BBC Wildlife Magazine,The Guardian, Popular Photography
Presentation of the Biosphère exhibition in the peristyle of the Tours town hall


Production of the Biosphere interactive exhibition
Corporate : photo order by the RCP communication agency for The Château de Chenonceau : diary, cards, calendar, limited editions


Launch of the new workshop Macrophoto XXL in studio in Tours, with the status of approved training organisation
Presentation of the MicroMégas exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Lille


Production of the exhibition and the Happening 2027 - Mémoires d'un dos argenté in partnership with the International Festival of Wildlife Photography in Montier-en-Der
Presentation of the interactive exhibition MicroMégas at the Natural History Museum of Bordeaux


Filmmaking 2027 - Mémoires d’un dos argenté


Launch of the Biospher Pictures photo / video agency


Setup of the Top floor Studio hybrid space, both artist’s studio and gallery.
In order to warn a large audience about the biodiversity disappearing issue worldwide, Gilles Martin went to New York and installed posters, pastings and stencils
Creation of the Top Floor Studio/gallery. Located in Touraine, the Top Floor Studio is a place for creation, exhibitions and meetings. In this hybrid space, workshop/gallery, Gilles Martin presents his photographic prints, collages and artistic installations for private collectors, gallery owners and museums.


Second street art campaign in New York in the disctricts of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Chinatown, Bushwick and Williamsburg
Exhibition Street art à New York at the galerie Gabillet
As part of the event Workshops, instructions for use, presentation of the exhibitions Struggle for Life and Street à New York at the Top Floor Studio workshop/gallery


Exclusive contract with the IFREMER to shot macro and microphotographs of deep water meiofauna within the context Pourquoi pas les abysses ?. Project conducted with the italian oceanographer Daniela Zeppilli. Expedition period : 2 years.
Publication of the portfolio Street art à New York in magazines Chasseur d'Images and TMV
Entry to the Amarok Travel Agency as Tour Leader

Exhibition Pourquoi pas les abysses ? presented in Nantes at the Festival de La Mer XXL. An event inspired by the universal exhibitions of the beginning of the 20th century, mixing art, industry and technology
Presentation of the Secrets des Abyss exhibition at the Lumexplore international scientific and environmental exploration film festival in La Ciotat
Presentation of the exhibition Secrets des Abyss in Nausicaá: National Centre De La Mer in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Contract with IRBI : Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l'Insecte. Realization of macro / microphotographs and scanning electron microscope photographs. This APR BioControleTermite research project aims at the permanent protection of the heritage through an eco-responsible biological control of termites.
Coverage of the Pourquoi pas les abysses ? project for the international press: Stern, BBC Wildlife Magazine, TMV, Terre sauvage, Sciences et avenir, Chasseur d'images, Image & Nature, Plongez, Géo Ado...
Issuance by the French Post Office (La Poste) of a booklet of 12 stamps entitled l'Effet Papillon illustrated with butterfly wing details from the book Papillons du monde (Butterflies of the World)
Presentation of the Secrets des Abysses exhibition at the Noirmoutier Science Festival on the theme of the Ocean and Mankind


Presentation of the travelling exhibition l'Arche Photographique in China in the city of Sanmenxia and in Kunming, capital of the province of Yunnan. This exhibition (in its black & white version) presents a photographic inventory of endangered animal species. Its aim: to alert the general public to the disappearance of these rare and endangered species on the IUCN Red List.
Street art : presentation of the portfolio concerning the latest street art campaign Off the Wall carried out in the West Bank : Palestinian Occupied Territories. Postings on the wall that separates Israel and Palestine over 500 kilometres.

Happening 2027 - Memoirs of a silverback © G. Martin

Street art campaign in New York © G. Martin

Creation of the workshop / gallery Top Floor Studio © G. Martin

Project "Why not the abyss? » © G. Martin / Ifremer

APR "BioControleTermite" project © G. Martin / IRBI / CNRS

Issuance of a series of stamps on butterflies © G. Martin

Exhibition "l'Arche Photographique" in China © G. Martin

Street art campaign in the West Bank © G. Martin